About Our Company



EAT TRAIN LIVE is a lifestyle company rooted in optimizing your personal health & wellness. Our concept is simple – a concierge approach for those looking to elevate their quality of life by enhancing the way they EAT, TRAIN and LIVE!



Our company was founded on a passion for healthy living. We know that there is more to life than hours in the gym and kitchen, but we also know that in order to meet your goals the work needs to happen.  That’s where we come in! EAT TRAIN LIVE can cook and deliver clean, delicious, macro-balanced meals that wont leave you feeling deprived or on a diet; tailor a workout or find you a trainer/class that meets your goals and time constraints; and our in-house Naturopathic Doctor can create a wellness plan to help improve your health and quality of life. YAY us!!



EAT TRAIN LIVE isn’t all doctors and workouts…life is for living and we plan on making the most it.



We also feature a list of fun services and events like ‘clean’ cocktail workshops, (because let’s be honest – sometimes life calls for a cocktail!), pantry clean-outs, meal prep parties, as well as wellness retreats and excursions – what’s better than squats on the beach?!



We look forward to offering the Greater Toronto Area solutions to living a healthy, fun and balanced life!



Come EAT, TRAIN and LIVE your BEST life with us!

Lonie and Candice



Get to know the Eat Train Live team.

Lonie MurdockFounder

Lonie Lonie I like to party!! (old school rap reference) It’s true – I hate to miss a good party, but I also like to lift heavy things, and EAT!! For these reasons I’ve partnered with my sidekick and Naturopathic Doctor, Candice, to start EAT TRAIN LIVE. I am a home chef, personal trainer, and sports nutritionist with over 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry. I know its cliché to say I have a passion for this stuff, but it is true! Nothing makes me happier than to see someone living his or her best life and doing it in a happy, healthy balanced way!


Candice ToddFounder

Island Girl – Music Lover – Naturopathic Doctor – Dancing is my cardio and evidence-based medicine is my jam! In addition to being a Board certified Naturopathic Doctor, I am also a personal and group training specialist and lover of clean and yummy food (that’s why I keep Lonie around)! My passion is health promotion and disease prevention through natural interventions. My dream is to shape a healthy world that is LIVING life pain free, bloat free, and full of energy! Let me help you EAT TRAIN and LIVE your best life!


Mikhail WilliamsHead Chef

Mikhail Williams is a graduate of the George Brown Culinary Arts program with a decade of experience in in some of Toronto’s top restaurants. Mik is also a Certified Personal Trainer with a true passion for fitness and  healthy living. A desire to combine his two careers led him to EAT TRAIN LIVE. Mikhail now leads the EAT TRAIN LIVE culinary team and strongly believes eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to compromise flavour.


Lindsey BethkeISSA Nutritionist

Marco strategist. Superfood enthusiast. Gym fanatic. Soulpreneur.
Lindsey Bethke has been a fitness nutrition coach for over two years – but her diet game is 20 years strong. Lindsey’s personal weight loss journey took her from fad dieter to cardio queen with disappointing results. Once she educated herself on the power of REAL FOOD and goal specific training she shed the pounds and found her passion.
Her philosophy: Never start a diet that you can’t maintain for the rest of your life. Her purpose: Empower as many people as possible with REAL strategies that will help them to achieve and maintain their ultimate body composition and reach their fitness goals.



Ok enough about us…

Shoot us an email and tell us about you!
We offer lots of great services and if there is an area of your life that we can help with, let us know.
If we can’t do it, we have a great referral system and will find you the right person for the job!
We share the love around here!!!
Lonie and Candice